Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Time Warp

No, that isn't a humorous reference to Susan Sarandon's appearance on Saturday.  Later that afternoon, I had a moment so disorienting that I wondered for a moment if it was a hallucination brought on by too little sleep and too much caffeine. While marching around the Capitol, near North Hamilton Street, I heard CCR's "Fortunate Son" playing over the speakers at that corner of the Capitol.  I looked around and saw -- I kid you not -- a group of college kids carrying a Students for a Democratic Society banner.  It turns out that this is not the same organization that agitated against the Vietnam War.  Lest you think they are out-of-state professional lefties, I believe this contingent was from UW-Milwaukee.

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George H. said...

Wow, an SDS reference. Nice one. I wonder which way the wind was blowing?