Friday, March 4, 2011

Maybe It's Time to Bring in the FBI

For crying out loud.  Multiple rounds of .22-caliber hollow-point bullets have been found scattered around the Capitol.

Before you jump on a conspiracy bandwagon, consider that many people were wearing their deer hunting outerwear on Saturday to keep warm.  It's possible that someone still had bullets in a coat pocket that had a small tear in it.  Please, people, check your coat pockets for bullets before you go downtown; there are children around, and we don't want them to pick up dangerous found toys.

Also, keep in mind that a couple thousand open-carry advocates were on the square a couple weeks ago.  Who knows how many of them forgot they still had bullets in their coat pockets?

Finally, there were a lot of extra law enforcement officers from many agencies around the state at the scene on Monday and Tuesday.  It's entirely possible that one or more of them was leaking bullets.  That explanation would make the most sense, considering that bullets were also found inside the City County building, which has not been occupied by protesters.

Given that local and state law enforcement agencies are stretched pretty thin, and that they may be emotionally too close to the situation to conduct an efficient and objective investigation, it might be a good idea to request FBI assistance.  Any investigation headed up by the DCI or the State Patrol is unlikely to instill confidence, given that the security sweep that found the bullets was used as an argument in court to keep citizens from having their constitutionally-guaranteed access to the Capitol during normal business hours.


Dan said...

I am extremely ignorant on guns, bu is a .22 hollow point bullet used for hunting?
I don't who would have planted the bullets-it really doesn't matter. But this shows the cops have to really diligent in their work.

Ordinary Jill said...

The hunters in my family have always preferred 30-06 rifles for deer hunting, but I know that there are 22-caliber hunting rifles that some people use. I'm not sure about the .22 hollow point bullets (since no one in my family hunts with a .22), but I can't imagine what other purpose a .22 hollow point bullet would have ("cop killer" or "armor piercing" bullets are of a higher caliber, I believe).

Tim Morrissey said...

Your assumptions are right, Jill. A .22-calibre long rifle hollow-point MIGHT be used for small game hunting, but wouldn't have the power necessary to bring down a deer.

I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but it seems beyond coincidence that such ammo was found on the Capitol grounds.