Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hopper Crashes at Employee's McMansion

In the midst of an official complaint that State Senator Randy Hopper has been living outside his district since his divorce last summer, Hopper's policy adviser advised the media that the Senator is officially living in an apartment in Fond du Lac. The media committed some actual journalism, however, and found that the address given is not, in fact, an apartment, but the $600,000 home of an employee of a radio station that Hopper owns.

It's fortunate for Hopper that he has an employee on whom he can impose who happens to own a nice big house in the district.  I hope he's paying rent for the privilege.  If not, I hope he declared the value of the lodging on his income tax return and campaign finance reports.


Deekaman said...

Too bad they don't commit :acts of journalism" when it's a Democrat

Dan said...

Look at all the congress critters who have been living in Washington DC and rarely at home, if they even had a home in their district. Dave Obey comes to mind, Harry Reid also. I am sure there are GOP involved in this scam as well.

Ordinary Jill said...

Actually, Deekaman, the press also revealed that Mike Sheridan was no longer living in his district, which may have contributed to his election defeat last Fall.

The moral of the story is, if you're going to make legislative decisions that are likely to piss off your constituents, make sure you have your house in order.

The difference between Reid, Obey and Hopper in this instance is that Hopper can't even be bothered to maintain a home in his district. Yes, it sucks to get divorced, but it's not like he's poor and can't afford an apartment of his own in Fondy. He just thought he wouldn't have to bother because no one would notice or care.