Monday, March 28, 2011

J.B. Van Hollen Must Have Another Job Lined Up

He clearly no longer cares about getting re-elected.

It's been a busy Monday at the DOJ:

Van Hollen issued a statement contorting the definition of "publication" under the Wisconsin constitution

DOJ let sexting DA Ken Kratz off the hook

It's like he's channeling Cee Lo Green and singing a song to Wisconsin citizens.

Meanwhile, the Government Accountability Board expects no boost in turnout for the April 5 election.

The remake of They Live can't be completed fast enough.


Dan said...

Hmm, so the AG did not prosecute the DA because they had little evidence. So, the AG is supposed to prosecute scummy people, even if they didn't break the law?
I have no doubt that the DA was a scum bag but that is not a reason to prosecute him. Maybe a civil trial will be the best way to go.
Gee, and here I thought the liberals were supposed to let people off and the conservatives were supposed to after the after the dirt. : )
As far as the WI. union law, some lawyers say it is law some say it is not. I am sure when it goes to the Supreme Court, there will be a split vote.

Ordinary Jill said...

They had evidence, Dan. Plenty of witness testimony. The DOJ didn't want to proceed, and their excuses smack of the sort of anti-woman victim blaming that used to be common in rape trials. Going to trial would have allowed the court to subpoena other records and question other potential witnesses. I'm reminded of the case with David Prosser declining to prosecute the pedophile priest years ago. The "new evidence" against the priest that was uncovered in 2004 was discovered in the course of another court case that was allowed to proceed.