Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fitzgerald Hands the High Road Card to Missing Democrats

Wisconsin Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald drafted a resolution to fine the chamber's 14 Democrats $100 a day if they remain absent, as well as force them to reimburse the state for any costs the state incurs trying to force them to return.

Brilliant.  I suspect it is illegal to force anyone to pay for a government stake-out of their house, so Fitzgerald just looks like an overreaching idiot here.

More importantly, Fitzgerald's impatience is undermining his party's attempts to paint the missing Senators as lazy and cowardly.  They had been harping on the talking points that is "time to come back and do the job they are paid to do."

Well, they are not being paid, since the State Senate previously passed a rule to hold their paychecks until they pick them up on the Senate floor.  Now they are also facing mounting fines.  Rather than seeming lazy and greedy, even constituents who are on the fence about whether the 14 should continue their hold-out must see that they are now making significant personal sacrifices for their cause.

Every day, Walker and the Fitzgeralds look more and more like Eric Cartman in his trooper uniform, shouting: "You will respect my authoritay!"


Dan said...

I thought they were still being paid. They have to pick up their checks in the Senate chambers, but they still are being paid- not they have earned it. Now, othe other hand, their staffers, I have to admit, must be doing a very good job.
Besides, the Senators probably make more than $100 a day, so they aren'tr going into debt.
And I enjoy your analogy using Cartman- funny.

Ordinary Jill said...

Their staffers' time sheets must now be approved by Senator Fitzgerald, so I hope he isn't stiffing them for all the hours they are putting in. The Dem Senate staffers have lost copier privileges already.

Deekaman said...

No, no really Jill. You must stop. this is too funny. "High road", no, really....stop. OMG I can't laugh any more. Seriously. No stop. Oh..hohohoho!

Tim Morrissey said...

What is it about people whose surname ends in "man".....Cartman...Deekaman....

Ordinary Jill said...

Deekaman, surely you must see how Fitzgerald's actions are likely to turn fence-sitters' sympathies toward the missing Dems.