Friday, March 11, 2011

Bank Run at M&I?

M & I Bank, whose executives donated significantly to Scott Walker's campaign for Governor, became the target of protesters yesterday. Members of Firefighters Local 311 withdrew money from their accounts and urged others to do likewise.  The Bank closed early, supposedly due to safety concerns.  It is certainly possible that it was really due to a shortage of cash on hand at that branch if the firefighters indeed withdrew close to $200K in the space of a couple hours.  The Internet is filled with calls to withdraw funds from M&I Bank.

M&I survived the collapse of 2008, thanks to TARP funds but has been on shaky ground ever since.  It was recently bought by a Canadian bank. 


Dan said...

Oh well, killing a company in the name of politics is all good if the liberals are doing it.
Beats what the liberal newspaper in Las Vegas called for- death and destruction in Florida for political reasons.

Anonymous said...

If a company wants to avoid the possibility of facing the music from a political groups. Then, they should refrain from anteing up for one side or the other.

Dan said...

Ahh, killing freedom of speech. Great.

Anonymous said...

"Actions have consequences...first rule of life"

Withdrawing money is no less an act of free speech than donating money.