Friday, February 18, 2011

Walker Administration Sends Wisconsin Tax Dollars to India

Scott Walker is creating jobs, alright -- in India.
(h/t Uppity Wisconsin).

This is exactly the sort of thing I've been trying to point out to people who say that cutting the public sector payroll doesn't remove money from Wisconsin's economy because taxpayers will have more money in their pockets.  I think RS is pretty sharp about a lot of things, but he really missed the boat when he said (about halfway down the list of comments to his post): "Your wife is paid with funds collected by government from the public as a whole. If your wife takes a $2,000 hit, it doesn't mean that $2,000 disappears from the economy. It means that $2,000 is simply able to be spent (on newspapers, and cars, and Brewers tickets) by people from whom the money is no longer being collected - maybe your neighbor down the street whose taxes will be lower going forward because he will be paying less for your family's benefits."

No, sometimes it means that $2,000 is able to be spent on outsourcing a local job to an out-of-state (or even overseas) contractor. The Alabamification of Wisconsin continues.


Deekaman said...

Whatever. You were ok, though with Doyle bankrupting a Wisconsin train manufacturer to have his little fling with Talgo, right?

It's more like the Californication of Wisconsin and Walker's trying to fix it. In the meantime, the President is trying to destroy the country, reward his union special interest buddies and stick his nose in business that isn't his.

Dan said...

Seems like this project was started in the Doyle administration, since the contracts were signed in January, right after Walker was inaugrated. I am sure this took months to get done and bid out with specifications.

Ordinary Jill said...

Deekaman, Talgo at least opened a facility in Milwaukee and would have built the trains with local labor. How would that Wisconsin train manufacturer have survived Walker's anti-train policies, anyway?