Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Meet Wisconsin's New Oligarchs

Governor Walker will not give his budget address at the State Capitol, where the people's business is conducted. Instead, he will use the turf of a Madison agribusiness manufacturing firm.  That pretty much tells us whose budget we'll be getting.

As any political operative can tell you, the backdrop of a speech sends as much of a message as the words of that speech.  Mission accomplished, W.  All hail Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, our new oligarchs.

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Deekaman said...

Or maybe he's just trying to highlight Wisconsin manufacturing.

Nah...that couldn't be it. Selling the state? Why would he do that? Doyle never did, why would the anti-Doyle? Can't imagine. Actually trying to bring jobs to Wisconsin instead of drive them away? Gosh...who would want to do that? I mean, as long as there are plenty of taxpayer-funded state employees, why bother, right?