Saturday, February 5, 2011

Let the Tailgating Begin

Hotels in Green Bay are full of Packer fans who couldn't afford the trip to Dallas.  All over Wisconsin, pre-game parties will be starting long before the game.  Since it's the weekend, we may has well start the celebration now.  To get you in the mood, here is Higher Education's Feelin' So Fly Like a Cheesehead:

For those of you who aren't into hip-hop music, here is Pat McCurdy's We Love the Green and Gold.  It's a fun video full of Wisconsin cultural touchstones (and, inexplicably, Larry the Cable Guy).


Deekaman said...

Awesome! Go Pack Go!!!!!!

Deekaman said...

Larry the Cable Guy was born in Nebraska in 1963. It is entirely possible he was raised on Packers and a big fan. Don't know for sure, but it beats some other explanations.