Sunday, February 13, 2011

I'm a Member of an Elite Group

I'm among the 10% of Wisconsin voters who will participate in Tuesday's Wisconsin Supreme Court primary. (h/t Illy-T).

It's strange that more Wisconsinites aren't eager to be among the illuminati who shape our highest court. The low turn-out in these elections has made it easy for Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce to buy seats on the court. They know how to turn out their base.

I bet if the cool night spots in Madison and Milwaukee held special VIP parties for those who vote in February and April elections, we'd see a lot more young people getting off their asses and doing their civic duty. After all, they're not averse to standing in line to get into a bar on Saturday night.

If you have "liked" a Facebook page having to do with recalling Scott Walker, you might want to try to defeat Justice Prosser (who has promised to "complement" the acts of the Republicans in the Executive and Legislative branches) or you might find yourself spouting on your blog about a Wisconsin equivalent to a "Bush v. Gore" decision next year.  Of course, it's far easier to spend hours spouting online than to actually leave the house and spend ten minutes voting.  Especially if you're more interested in getting attention and virtual *hugs* from your friends than actually contributing to change.


Deekaman said...

I'm voting for Prosser as are all my friends. In addition, you chances of recalling Walker are non-existent.

Just sayin'.

Oh...and Bush v. Gore? The only attempt to steal the election was on the part of a completely deranged Al Gore.

Dan said...

Umm, recalling Scott Walker? Been drinking the kool aide from capper?