Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Lessons from Florida

Some observations from the results of yesterday's Florida primary:

  • Rednecks Prefer Gingrich - "Gingrich managed to win more than 30 rural and Panhandle counties, and finished slightly ahead, 39-36, among voters who considered themselves evangelical or born-again."
  • Negative Advertising Still Works - "The Campaign Media Analysis Group, which tracked ads in Florida, told CNN that 99 percent of the 3,276 ads run by Romney's campaign were negative, as were all of the 4,969 ads run by Restore Our Future, the super PAC backing Romney. Gingrich ran far fewer ads – 1,012 by his campaign, almost all negative, and 1,893 paid for by his super PAC, Winning our Future, CMAG said. Of those, only 53 percent were negative."
  • The Republican Party Is Over its Romance with the Tea Party - "Peter Lee of the East Side Tea Party of Orlando said the tea parties just could not support Romney, whom he said had not reached out to them. 'He's run his campaign as if he did not need us, and apparently he didn't,' Lee said."


Dan said...

So, if you are born again or evangelical, you are now a red neck? Wow, what a stretch and bigoted.

Ordinary Jill said...

The stats about evangelicals just happened to be in the same sentence as the stats about rural and Panhandle counties (where most of Florida's rednecks live). Not all evangelicals are rednecks, but rednecks are more likely to be evangelical than Catholic, Jewish or Mormon.