Sunday, January 29, 2012

Scott Walker: Clueless, Incompetent Manager

An official statement from Scott Walker's campaign organization claims: “The Milwaukee County Executive's Office expressed policy was that county employees were not permitted to use county time or resources to conduct any political activity. Scott Walker expected everyone to follow the law and made that clear publicly and privately.”  (h/t, Capper)

I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and believe his claim. That means that several employees completely ignored their boss' clearly-expressed expectations and willfully violated his policies (and the law), while the boss remained blissfully ignorant.

It makes me wonder how well his current staff are following the laws and policies that are supposed to govern their conduct on the job. He seems to attract corrupt employees who take advantage of his easygoing, laissez-faire employment practices.


Deekaman said...

you are not willing to give him any "benefit of the doubt". If you were, you wouldn't take anything from "Crapper" at face value. He is a well known liar and fraud. The Crapster should know all about political activity on government time. He damn near lost his job because of his political activity on government time.

So you expect all county executives to micro-manage their employees? Do I understand that correctly? The County Exec should know every....single...thing each employee does? If Scott Walker had ddone that, you would have labeled him as "an ineffective micromanager".

At least be honest about your personal hate for Walker and the Left's willingness to do whatever is necessary to destroy him personally.

Which way will your side turn when he wins the recall election? Assassination? It is already character assassination, why not just do the job, right?

Jesus H.!

Anonymous said...

It's not every county employee, its the deputy chief of staff, the policy advisor , who later became deputy chief of staff, the appointed and re-appointed by the county executive after serious questioned were raised for months county veterans coordinator and the constituent services aide. So in a six person office that County Executive Walker directly supervised- three of them engaged in serious law breaking activities, but the County Executive didn't notice it ever. In most organizations, that type of lack of supervision would result in your immediate firing. So either Walker was on some illegal substance to fry his brain, never in the office for months at a time or knew what was going on. Walker's smoking gun maybe when he emailed from campaign account to your Housing administrator's private email to tell him no more bad campaign activity in the office, but no official government email about it to your chief of staff or
deputy chief of staff. Calling Micheal Clayton, we need a fixer fast because Walker is either super dumb or super corrupt.

Tim Morrissey said...

He saw nothing; he knows nothing. This is called, I believe, "plausible deniability" among the professional crooks who run Washington.

Ordinary Jill said...

Deekaman, you have completely mischaracterized Capper. You're the one who's engaging in character assassination, and I'm asking you to keep that sort of thing on your own blog, not mine. Are you disputing the quote that I pulled from Walker's own campaign statement? Are you disputing my conclusion that several of Walker's employees ignored their boss' clearly expressed expectations and willfully violated his policies? Are you just angry that I pointed it out? Does your support of Scott Walker mean you will ignore any proven wrongdoing on his part and attack anyone who speaks up? Point out the flaws in my argument if you disagree. Your rebuttal was weak. I'm not asking for micromanagement, just accountability. In the private sector, those kinds of lax management practices would get someone dismissed and possibly lead to lawsuits against the company depending upon the policies violated.