Friday, January 13, 2012

Equal Opportunity Violence on the West Side

Police were called to the New Town Pub overnight after a parking lot melee involving up to 20 women who had been bounced from the bar earlier. Once suspect was found in possession of two knives and a pink Barbie baseball bat.

Two victims received non-life-threatening stab wounds. Bats and sticks were also used, which seems to be a pattern among female bar hooligans in Madison.


Jeff Simpson said...

HMMMM towne pub was forced to close and Wiggy's got in no trouble....Wonder why that would be????

Ordinary Jill said...

To be fair, Wiggie's agreed to follow a police-drafted security plan that included closing early and hiring private security. I believe the owners of New Towne Pub decided that they could not afford to do likewise and closed instead. I have kept a close eye on the situation at Wiggie's, as I live nearby and have never had a good experience there (nor am I fond of the owner). The nearest neighbors say things have calmed down considerably in the past year.