Friday, September 16, 2011

The Waffle House Index

FEMA clearly learned some valuable lessons after Hurricane Katrina:
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FEMA's Waffle House Index
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Dan said...

While this is supposed to be comedy, the government and other business should learn something from Waffle House. They seem to be open when the governments and businesses are not, and that is no joke. They actually have a disaster plan in case something happens: what you should do if no electricity but have gas and vice versa. They are usually the only businesses open during or right after a disaster.

Ordinary Jill said...

While the segment was comedy, the government really has learned something from Waffle House, and they are using them as a handy indicator of how damaged local infrastructure is following a disaster, saving valuable assessment time. In between all the jokes about the fried menu items, Colbert mentioned how Waffle House dispatches employees with generators and such to restore service quickly. The government has also studied how Southwest Airlines goes above and beyond to stay in service, on time, when other airlines are disrupted by bad weather.