Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Surfeit of Thursday Night Football

Football is usually played over the weekend -- Friday night for high school, Saturday for college and Sunday for the NFL.  The NFL also has Monday night games and, occasionally, Thursday night games.

However, like a blockbuster movie, college football's opening weekend starts on Thursday night.  Tonight, the Badgers will take on UNLV in ESPN's premiere game of the season.  The inherent drama in this game will be the question of will the Badgers cover the spread? 

By an unfortunate coincidence, the Packers' final pre-season game will be played at the same time.  Really, NFL?  You had to schedule the Packers opposite the Badgers?  I noticed that the Packers also play on New Year's Day.  Fortunately, the major college bowl games will be held on Monday, January 2 instead.

Next Thursday night, the Packers will open the NFL season against the Saints.  The Badgers will be back to their usual Saturday slot.  Clearly, John Boehner is not a football fan.


Dan said...

Most NFL pre-season games arfe going to end this Thursday or friday, to give them plenty of time to rest before opening the season.
These are just pre-season games and don't mean anything. But the Packer game still drew higher ratings than the Badgers.
My guess is that the Badgers were supposed to play on Saturday but were given to play on ESPN for some serious money to open up on ESPN, a very nice opportunity.
And I am glad I didn't bet on the game. I probably would have gone with Badgers. Darn extra points.

Ordinary Jill said...

Just like last year, the Badgers covered the spread for a while in the second half, but the smart money was on UNLV in the end.