Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Trouble in Camelot

There is an apartment complex on the east side of Madison called Camelot apartments, with an adjacent strip mall called Camelot Square.  The bus shelter on Johnson Street that borders the property used to have a sign that said "Camelot Station" but I don't remember seeing that signage in recent years.

The property is older, and the neighborhood has had its problems.  I'm sure the name "Camelot" was not meant to inspire mayhem with swords.  Last month, store owners held a "Camelot Square Festival" to bring some positive attention to their businesses.

Sadly, more recent news stories have not been positive. There was a fatal shooting in the apartment parking lot last week, believed to be a drug deal gone bad.  And yesterday, there was a fire in one of the apartment buildings (no one was injured, fortunately).

I hope things turn around for Camelot.  I still stop by now and then to indulge my craving for Chocolate Shoppe ice cream.

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Dan said...

Yep, i liked that ice cream shop and I think there was a fish store and/or butcher there that had some good food.
But that area has had problems a long time. Just north of there, you have Lakewood Gardens, a hell hole if you ever had one.