Friday, September 2, 2011

About that Mascot Controversy

Many citizens of Berlin (the one in Wisconsin, but not to be confused with New Berlin) are upset that they are being forced to give up their traditional Indians team name. They are convinced that there is nothing offensive about a bunch of white kids pretending to be Native Americans; indeed, it is a tribute, to their way of thinking.

I wonder if they (or Rep. Steve Nass) thought the Galesville-Ettrick-Trempealeau Redmen were a tribute to Wisconsin's first residents.  Or that 19th century minstrel shows were a tribute to African American music and dance traditions.

For the record, I believe that the name Fighting Irish is also deeply offensive, and the NCAA should force Notre Dame to get rid of it just as they forced schools to drop other race-based team names.  I also think think the NFL should follow suit and retire the names Redskins and Chiefs.

On the other hand, Vikings are not an ethnic group but rather an occupation, like Pirates (or Buccaneers).


Dan said...

Wow, you are really thinned skinned.
Don't forget the Wisconsin Badgerfs who were not named after the animal but after tha miners in Wisconsin. Is that offensive? Of course not, but ome people will find it offensive. How about the Michigan St. Spartans?
In the NCAA, they want the North Dakota Fighting Souix to give up their name but not the Florida State Seminoles. What's the difference, besides money?
I am Irish (County Cork Ireland)and I have no problem with the Notre Dame fighting Irish.
At UNLV, we have the Rebels, should southern rednecks be angry?
The country has become too wimpish. Unless a name is really offensive, like using the N- word or other slang words to describe an ethnic group, the people who are supposedly offended just need to grow up.
Hell, should PETA folks be allowed to force the Milwaukee Bucks to change their name because they are offended by having a deer as a mascot?
How about factory workers? Should they be upset with the Packers name and should they have the right to rename the Packers?
When i was in High School in Oconomowoc, our nickname was Cooney and we had gym bags made up saying Oconomowoc, Home of the Coons, should we or Blacks be offended?
I suppose you would find Mel Brooks movies to be horribly offensive.

Ordinary Jill said...

So you have no problem with white kids wearing war paint and calling themselves Indians? You think Native Americans are just too thin-skinned if they take offense at that? You're living in a white tower, Dan.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is why no one likes liberals. If you get offended this easily, than toughen the fuck up.

Ordinary Jill said...

Hey, Anonymous, do you think performing in blackface is offensive, or that liberals should just toughen the fuck up and revive minstrel shows?

Anonymous said...

Are you really comparing college nicknames with minstrel shows? That comparison is pathetic. No one is pretending to be Native American. Using your logic people at Minnesota must be pretending to be gophers.

Ordinary Jill said...

Dude, do you really not see the comparison between Chief Illiniwek doing a war dance on the football field and minstrel shows? Do you actually know any Native Americans? Do you think they enjoy seeing vaudeville parodies of their cultural heritage acted out in football stadiums? Do you really think it's OK for a high school sports team to call itself the "Redmen"? Would you be OK with a team called the "Blackmen"?