Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Turnout Matters

I'm feeling much less elite today. And I'm very happy about that.

Once again, the Government Accountability Board was asleep at the wheel, forecasting a 20% turn-out statewide, the average for a Spring election, despite the increased interest in this particular election.

Manitowoc County saw 31.4% of registered voters at the polls.

Over a third of registered voters in Marathon County showed up at the polls. Walworth County turn-out was nearly as high.

Rock County hit 42%.

Almost 43% turned out in Jefferson County, as well as Wood County.

Dane County turn-out numbers are not yet available, but they are expected to be over 50%.

While Justice David Prosser might possibly retain his seat if a recount nets him more votes, Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce can never again take for granted that they can buy a seat on the Supreme Court whenever they want to. Left-wing groups have just as much money to throw at campaigns. And while the Citizens United decision will allow more corporate money to fund political campaigns, companies will have to weigh the perceived benefits of donations against a potential PR backlash and boycotts.

Governor Walker says the Supreme Court race was not a referendum on him.  However, today he rescinded the patronage promotion of Brian Deschane.  He's also launching a YouTube channel to stay in touch with voters.  I can't wait for the parody version.

In the end, Scott Walker's most enduring legacy might be making young Wisconsinites think that voting is a cool and fun thing to do.  For that, we should all thank him.

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