Sunday, April 3, 2011

Demonstrations as Street Festival Continue

Yesterday's demonstrations at the Capitol were more grass-roots (no stage or speakers) and tongue-in-cheek. A large group of people wore zombie make-up and carried signs making jokes about Scott Walker's brain (or lack thereof). It was a beautiful early spring day (sunny and in the low 50s). People came out and brought their kids (some of the "zombies" had "zombie" children in tow). There were many signs in support of JoAnne Kloppenburg's candidacy for Supreme Court.

This gentleman was the only one I saw with a pro-Prosser sign. As you can see, the anti-Walker demonstrators are pretty much ignoring him. There were no confrontations. I'm glad he felt comfortable visibly expressing his views.

There was an appearance by the ghost of Ronald Reagan (or maybe it was Zombie Reagan). It seems that even he opposes Scott Walker these days.

It wouldn't be a street festival without Art Paul Schlosser. He was a one-man band, with a kazoo as well as a guitar to accompany his original composition. Maybe this would be a good year to re-release his Vote for Me/It's a Joke CD.

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Art Paul Schlosser said...

Actually I'm releasing a CD called If I Was Governor which has some of the new protest songs I wrote on it.