Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wiggie's Is Back in the News

Just a couple days ago, I was thinking how odd it was that Wiggie's had not had a news-worthy violent crime in several months.

It had been so long, that when I saw the headline Armed robber waited until others left tavern, I didn't jump to any conclusions.  In keeping with the usual IQ of Wiggie's perps, this genius posed for a clear, close-up surveillance photo before robbing the joint.

Stay classy, Wiggie's.


Dan said...

What happened to Wiggies, why has it gotten so bad. I used to live almost across the street from it. It was nice place then, so it is the neighborhood? Clientele?

Ordinary Jill said...

I think it's a combination of a changing neighborhood (another bar in the vicinity was shut down because of repeated problems) and expanded traffic from outside the neighborhood (the north side Madison Metro transfer station is right next door on Huxley Street). It seems to go in cycles. Back in the '80s or early 90s, a man I know stopped going to Wiggie's after he was hit in the head with a bottle right after he walked in the door (he was stunned and never saw his assailant).

Dan said...

Which bar was shut down? Was it the bar in the Town of Madison, but across the street from Maple Bluff? (not sure of the street, it's neighbors are a strip mall and the railroad tracks.) That bar seemed to have a lot more problems.

Ordinary Jill said...

You may be talking about the Inferno on Commercial Avenue just off North Sherman (which was in the Town of Burke but has since been annexed by Maple Bluff). Many year's ago, it was called Rosa's Cantina, and I think there may have been some problems then.

However, the bar that got shut down was A Place for Friends. The address was 2105 North Sherman. Here is the report about the place:

Dan said...

Ok, thanks. Before Rosa's Cantina, it was something else and it was a dump.
Wow, Maple Bluff annexed it? When I was on the their Fire Dept., a long time ago, they vowed never to annex that area. Guess they were wrong.