Saturday, July 31, 2010

More Deportations Under Obama Than Bush

I found this interesting little nugget on the Wheeler Report page.  It is an employment law update from a Madison law firm.  It is not a press release or political blog.  It is meant to inform their clients and other employers (and attract business from those who wish to engage an employment law expert). In discussing the parts of Arizona's controversial anti-illegal-immigration legislation that were not struck down by the courts, Attorney Bob Gregg mentions:

Many are also unaware that the federal government has been involved in a major enforcement effort regarding illegal aliens. The previous Bush administration seemed to have had more of a hands-off approach; enforcement of the immigration rules was static and inspections and enforcement regarding employment of illegal workers steadily decreased. Starting in 2009, the new administration changed this. Deportations have dramatically increased. Under the Obama administration, there has been a 600% increase in enforcement, fines and prosecutions regarding illegal workers. This more vigorous enforcement of the laws has gone largely unnoticed in the public and media focus. Employers in Arizona should be aware that their state can now enforce the employment parts of the new law. Employers nationwide should be aware of the federal government's increased efforts to inspect records and take serious action regarding illegal workers.
Interesting.  I have seen various conservative commenters pooh-pooh recent enforcement actions as an election-year stunt.  However, it seems that this has been going on since 2009, the first year of the Obama administration.  If you rely on politically-biased media for your news, your perception will differ greatly from reality.  Much like the belief that Obama is going to take your guns away.


Dan said...

I highly doubt a 600% increase for several reasons, but among those, the three items mentioned, while related in connection with immigration, are not related mathemetically.
That being said, I think Obama has done some good things regarding immigration- they ar emandating local jails give them names of illegals and they are conducting some raids that you wouldn't think of. The other day, the Border Patrol conducted a raid at a Vegas bus station and arrested between 16and 30 people.
Which makes me wonder why Obama wants amnesty and fights the law in AZ.

Ordinary Jill said...

I think he wants some sort of pragmatic compromise like the one that Ronald Reagan negotiated in the 1980s. The issue is so polarizing, however, that an open compromise is not politically viable. So he fights the AZ law on the grounds that it pre-empts federal jurisdiction over immigration while quietly stepping up enforcement (particularly against employers, which will have more impact in the long run).