Saturday, September 19, 2009

Just Another Weeknight at Wiggie's

This is the third bizarre police call at Wiggie's this year. Is underage drinking really a bigger problem than violent crimes in bars? If so, what about that 17-year-old with the baseball bat? Will the ALRC ever investigate Wiggie's? It's like the wild west on Madison's north side.


Deekaman said...

He was just lookin' for some guys to play ball....

Ordinary Jill said...

That thought occurred to me (it would explain the bar employee's contradictory account of having seen the alleged victim standing at a urinal, not sitting in a stall, just before the alleged robbery). However, Wiggie's is not a good place to try that sort of thing. It's full of blue-collar homophobes.

Unless you meant the 17-year-old with the baseball bat. The bat-wielding individual was a girl, however.