Sunday, September 20, 2009

Surprises at Dollar Tree

I stopped into Dollar Tree to buy paper goods for a party. Unlike some other "dollar store" chains, everything really is $1 at Dollar Tree. So imagine my surprise, while standing in the checkout line, to see the New Choice Pregnancy Test.

Evidently, there are women who trust a $1 pregnancy test, either because they are that poor or that foolish. Either way, it is a bit frightening to realize they are facing parenthood.

Even more frightening, however, was the New Choice Ovulation Predictor. There are two reasons why a woman would want to predict her ovulation: either she is actively trying to get pregnant, or she is using the rhythm method of birth control. In either case, it is unfortunate that a woman would choose to buy a $1 ovulation predictor instead of going to Walgreen's and spending $10 for a trustworthy one.


Anonymous said...

wow. That's fairly judgemental. I'm neither poor, nor foolish. I bought 2 of these when I thought I might be pregnant. They work very well, both came back positive. I have spent hundreds of dollars on the expensive ones over the years trying to get pregnant. It becomes a financial burden on anyone when you try to conceive for many, many years and you spend tons of money on these tests.

Fawn said...

Huh, this really is a pretty ignorant thing to say. So, according to your logic, if someone paid $11 or more for one of these tests should we assume they are wealthy or foolish, or perhaps both?

How blessed you are to be so very smart and all knowing about a)quality of products b)the poor and foolish.

Anonymous said...

Oh, duh. I get it now. Only those that can afford the $10 tests are fit to be parents. Makes PERFECT sense to me.

While we're at it, how DARE you buy paper goods for a party at Dollar Tree. I'd hate to have been at that party. You must not be ready to be a hostess if you buy your party stuff there. Same logic, huh?!

Ordinary Jill said...

Knowing the quality of some of the health and beauty products that are sold at dollar stores (like the toxic Chinese-manufactured toothpaste that was recalled a couple years ago), I would never trust my reproductive health to a made-for-dollar-stores brand. There is too much incentive for subcontractors to cut corners, and too little accountability.

It's a fact that, in the recent past, products manufactured in China for dollar stores have a poor safety record. If you're willing to take that risk to save $9 or so on a pregnancy test, that's your prerogative. I do think it's a foolish choice, however.

Anonymous said...

It's not really a "safety" issue. You're either pregnant or you're not. You're not ingesting any type of medication to take a pregnancy test. I understand everyone has an opinion, I just find yours very immature and judgemental on this specific topic.

TO QUESTION SOMEONE'S READINESS TO HAVE A CHILD BECAUSE THEY BUY A PG TEST HERE IS JUST PLAIN RUDE. Fine, you think it's "foolish" to buy them here. ok. It has nothing to do with someone being a good parent.

We have a happy, healthy, loving home. In some circles, we would actually be considered on the wealthy side, because of my husband's income level. We have 4 college degrees between us.

As you can see, you struck a nerve here with me. I just hope you are never going to have to deal with infertility issues and the cost of trying to conceive.