Friday, May 29, 2009

ALRC is Obsessed with Downtown

When I saw this headline -- Teen Faces Charges For Allegedly Swinging Bat In Madison Bar -- I had two questions:
1. What was a teen doing in a bar?
2. In what Madison bar was someone tempted to swing a bat?

The answers:
1. Fake ID.
2. Wiggie's.

I should have guessed. It's interesting that this should happen in the same week that Madison's Alcohol Licensing Review Committee threatened three other local establishments with license non-renewal for multiple incidents of fights and serving underage patrons (all of whom were probably older than the bat-wielding 17-year-old girl at Wiggie's).

I wonder if Wiggie's will be threatened with non-renewal. I mean, surely the ALRC wouldn't hold Dave Wiganowski to a different standard because he's a County Supervisor. Maybe he gets a pass because he's not within walking distance of the UW campus.

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