Friday, April 2, 2010

Sam Kennedy, Loser of the Week

The media mentioned today that more than 30 States' Governors (including Wisconsin's own Jim Doyle) received letters calling on them to resign within three days or they would be removed. The letters came from a "group" calling itself the "Guardians of the Free Republics."  The letters were not directly threatening violence, but there was some concern that they might incite violence.  Mostly, they were considered crank letters, although security was somewhat tightened around the nation's statehouses.

When I first read the story, I assumed the letters were a hoax perpetrated by the kind of geek who creates chain e-mails warning of phony computer viruses.  The name "Guardians of the Free Republics" has a vaguely sci-fi/fantasy air about it.  I figured that the geek in question wanted to finally create a hoax that his grandparents would hear about.

However, the letters are now being connected to Texas radio host Sam Kennedy.  The manager of  Republic Broadcasting Network, John Stadtmiller, is not amused.

On Friday afternoon, Mr. Stadtmiller, reached by phone, said, "I talked to Kennedy a half-hour ago and ... I told him I'm getting a lot of heat, that you stirred the pot here, and that your plan for how to deal with the media and let them know what is going on has failed miserably."
Congratulations, Mr. Kennedy.  In a week that saw the arrests of several Midwestern militia wing-nuts plotting to murder police officers in order to spark violent insurrection, you've managed to make right-wing insurrectionists look ridiculous and incompetent again rather than dangerous and scary. 

You know, your letters might have been taken a little more seriously if you hadn't sent them so close to April Fools' Day.  I'm just sayin'.


Dan said...

Funny thing from the article: Stadtmiller says the FBI agents told Kennedy, in essence, "We know you're not a threat, but we spent millions of dollars guarding [governors]. The next time you do something like this, give us a heads up. Don’t waste our time and money."
Since when did the FBI guard governors?

Ordinary Jill said...

When they get out-of-state threats against multiple states' governors, it's appropriate to bring in federal law enforcement resources.

Forward Our Motto said...

He's lucky he's not on the hook for all that money that was spent.