Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Oktoberfest Surprise?

Wisconsin Department of Commerce Secretary Dick Leinenkugel announced today that he is resigning at the end of the week to "pursue a new opportunity."

Could the new opportunity be a gubenatorial run?  Tom Barrett isn't polling very well.  If nothing else, a primary challenger might fire up Barrett to actually launch a real campaign.  He seemed reluctant to run in the first place.

Think how cool it would be to have a Governor Leinenkugel.  We could call the mansion in Maple Bluff the "Leinie Lodge" and watch the old-money neighbors blow a gasket.  There could be a beer tent on the lawn during the annual Rhythm & Booms display at nearby Warner Park.  It would be awesome.


Deekaman said...

Sorry, Jill. It would suck. Maybe not as bad as Doyle; nearly anyone is better. No more Democrats. I can barely afford to pay attention, much less my bills since they came to power. and taxes just keep going up...and for what?

Tim Morrissey said...

And, reporters and bloggers could say "musta been the Leinie's talkin'".

Dan said...

Funny thing about the mansion. When I was a volunteer with Maple Bluff fire, during the Thompson administration, we did a tour of the house. Very impressive and the behind the scenes were kind of cool. Then we went to leave, someone noticed a bunch of oil on the beautiful carpets. Turns out one of the volunteers had oil on their boots and had oil footprints all over the mansion.
Well, if Leinie wins, it won't seem so out of place.