Friday, May 4, 2012

The Union-Busting Doge of Venelazzo Backs Walker

Campaign finance reports show that, between January 18 and April 23 of this year, Las Vegas casino mogul Sheldon Adelson gave Scott Walker's campaign a quarter of a million dollars.

Of course, that's chump change compared to the $20 million he threw away on the quixotic Newt Gingrich presidential campaign.

It's not surprising that Adelson would be attracted to Walker's politics.  He has long been an adversary of labor unions.  Unlike the Las Vegas strip casinos owned by Caesar's Entertainment and MGM Resorts International, the Venetian and Palazzo are non-union properties.  Adelson also likes doing business with the authoritarian, free-speech-hating governments of China and Singapore.  He's currently lobbying the Spanish government to give him big tax concessions and exceptions to labor laws in exchange for building a big casino-resort (that would mostly employ foreign guest-workers). In a country with a 23% unemployment rate, his economic development promises may be tempting, despite the fact that he will privatize all the profits and socialize all the risk.

No wonder he likes Scott Walker.

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