Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Karl Armstrong Has 99 Problems

The Sterling Hall bomber was busted for marijuana trafficking after Illinois State Troopers, during a routine traffic stop, found 800 grand that happened to smell like pot hidden under the floor of his RV.

A search of his Town of Madison trailer home did not reveal any drugs, but police seized computers and other records.

This raises several questions:

1. Karl Armstrong has been living in a trailer in the Town of Madison?  Really?  There goes the neighborhood.

2. There's still a Town of Madison?  I thought the City of Madison and Fitchburg divided it between them.

3. Chicago drug dealers employ 65-year-old men who drive RVs as drug-runners?  Are they marketing to aging Baby Boomers?

4. How long before this inspires a Hollywood comedy?


Dan said...

Madison has trailer homes? The only trailer home place I remember was on the back side of the airport, Northport.
As far as Town of Madison, it seems like no would want it. When i worked on the Maple Bluff Fire Dept. the Town had to come all the way out there for calls to Lakewood Gardens. Then you also had the Town of Burke plus the City of Madison, all within a 1/2 mile of another.
And drug dealers will take just about anybody who can drive safely. But Armstrong better hope he gets arrested because if he cost a drug cartel $800,000+, he won't be living too much longer.

Tim Morrissey said...

It's quite fashionable to bash the Town of Madison, which has ONE high-crime area of a few square blocks that gets all the media attention, and ONE trailer park. It also has the Novation Campus, a BMW dealership, a Mercedes-Benz dealership, and a new charter school. It also has an award-winning police department and a professionally-staffed fire department. It also has one HELL of a tax base, which is why the City of Madison and Fitchburg are in the process of gobbling it up. Some parts of the Township have been annexed, but the bulk of it has not, and won't be until 2022. The Town Hall is staffed by thoroughly professional and competent people, who will work with you to speedily resolve issues and complaints. When that portion of the Township in which I live is sucked into the City of Madison in 2022, it will be a sad day, and the end of personal and responsive service from municipal employees. With any luck, by that time I'll be living in some bucolic setting in exurbia, drooling away my final years.