Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What a Jackass

A student at the U. of Colorado-Boulder paid his tuition in $1 bills as a form of protest against high out-of-state tuition.  Does he believe that Colorado taxpayers should subsidize his education?  Does he think a prospective employer will be impressed by the amount of time and energy he spent inconveniencing other people?  Clearly, he needs to spend more time studying (or working) and less time on useless stunts.


Deekaman said...

"It gives me a much greater appreciation for the money my parents give me just to go to school and that they're willing to make those sacrifices and to be able to see that in a physical form like that is very unique and very cool."

So, mommy and daddy are ponying up the cash and he acts like a douche. What a surprise.

Dan said...

He should pay for his text books with pennies. That is where the real rip off is.