Friday, December 10, 2010

Mayor Dave Is Running Against Governor Brown Bag

At a news conference yesterday, Madison Mayor Dave Cieslewicz lashed out at Governor-elect Scott Walker for killing the rail project that would have injected $810 million in federal stimulus funds into Wisconsin's economy.  Rather than being used for deficit reduction or road projects, as Walker implied would happen, the money will be sent to other states for their rail projects.

In addition to criticizing this particular Walker policy decision, Cieslewicz said:  "If this is an indication of how he is going to run the state, we are in for a long four years."

With an election coming up in April, nothing will energize Madison's left-leaning voters more than bashing Scott Walker.  If he keeps it up after the election, however, I will wonder if he has ambitions of moving to Maple Bluff in four years.


Deekaman said...

Send it to other states. We can't afford it.

If Walker does what he says he will do, Mayor Dave will lose his @$$.

Dan said...

There is no way that Mayor Dave could beat Walker in 4 years, short of a Walker scandal.
Mayor Dave would get the Dane vote but would lose in Milwaukee vote big time.

proud progressive said...

Mayor dave would lose big time in Milwaukee? You mean like walker did?

Dan said...

Gee, let me see. The election was a few weeks ago, but I still remember it.
Walker may have lost Milwaukee County but he ran against who? Oh, that's right, Tom Barrett, whi is from where? Let's all say it together: Milwaukee.
Yeah, Walker would kick Dave's butt in Milwaukee.

Ordinary Jill said...

So, Dan, do you believe that Barrett attracted a lot of Independent voters, or Republican voters? Do you believe that a significant number of Barrett voters would vote for the Republican candidate (Walker) rather than a Democratic Mayor of Madison in the Governor's race? I don't believe that Madison's Mayor has a snowball's chance in Hell of winning the Governor's race, but I don't think the Milwaukee vote would be his downfall (except perhaps in the Democratic primary).