Friday, November 19, 2010

Scott Walker -- Liar or Idiot?

Federal Law Establishing Stimulus Grants for Rail Projects Only + Insufficient Votes in Senate to Override Presidential Veto = No Way in Hell Wisconsin's $810 Grant Can Be Used on Roads & Bridges

Did Scott Walker deliberately mislead people in order to attract train-skeptic votes and road-builder campaign funds?  Or did he really believe his own bullshit?  He told everyone that, with the support of Wisconsin's Congressional Delegation, the funds could be re-purposed.  Now, Wisconsin's Republican Congressmen are going through the kabuki theater of introducing a bill to do just that.  However, one look at the equation above will tell you they have no chance of success.

In contemplating Walker's inner thought processes, I am reminded of a quote from Homer Simpson: "Just because I don't care doesn't mean I don't understand."


Tim Morrissey said...

The question is rhetorical, right? No one with an IQ north of 80 beleived the Walker proposition during the campaign, did they? Didn't we all really know it was just more political bullshit?

Deekaman said...

Whatever. GAWD and you guys think Obama is smart, right? Please. And Doyle was not corrupt as hell. Where was this during Doyles corrupt administration. Jill: I never thought I'd say you were hypocritical.