Monday, June 7, 2010

Recall: The Game

I've been following the saga of Juneau County District Attorney Scott Southworth from afar. He is currently the subject of a recall effort.  As a Dane County resident, I can only be a distant bystander. For those political junkies who, like me, find this story morbidly fascinating, I developed a game so we can play along at home. You will need to print out the gameboard and cards (click on each image to see the whole thing).  The cards can be printed on perforated business card stock.  There are 6 signature cards and 4 vote cards per sheet; you will need to print out 7 sheets of cards. You will also need one 6-sided die and as many tokens as you have players (I like the tokens from the Monopoly game).

The rules are simple.  Start on the space that says "Start" (top center of the board) and progress in a clockwise direction one die roll on each turn.  If the space says "gain signatures," place cards for that many signatures (there are 100 per card) in the signature pile.  If the space says "lose signatures," remove the appropriate number of signature cards (if there are not enough signature cards in the pile, remove all that are there; you cannot ever have a negative number of signatures).

Once all players have made a complete revolution around the outer ring, count up the signatures in the pile.  If you have gathered at least 2,000, progress to the inner circle for the voting round (if there are not at least 2,000 signatures, the recall fails and the game ends).

In the voting round, on each turn, you will place votes cards in either the incumbent or the challenger pile.  Once all players have gone a full revolution around the inner ring, count up the votes in each pile to determine whether Southworth keeps his job.

Have fun.

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