Friday, June 11, 2010

It's Time to Kick Brandon Underwood to the Curb

If the Green Bay Packers have any sense, they will trade or cut Brandon Underwood before the NFL preseason begins.

I'm assuming that Underwood told the truth when he said the sex in Lake Delton was consensual. The law enforcement response is consistent with this report.  I'm pretty libertarian when it comes to the acts of consenting adults.  I feel bad for Underwood's family, but it isn't the Packers' job to play nursemaid.

However, Underwood has demonstrated that he is an idiot with neither impulse control nor common sense.  He embarrassed his family, endangered the health of his wife, and put his teammates at risk of robbery, arrest and infamy.  The Packers cannot afford to keep him around.

And if Mrs. Underwood is wise, she will divorce his sorry ass while she can still get a decent child support settlement. His stock in the NFL is about to plummet.  With his demonstrated impulse-control problems, he is likely to piss away his money on booze, drugs and hookers long before he turns 30.

Of course, if Brandon Underwood's agent has any sense, he will check him into a high-profile rehab facility to work on his "sex addiction" and call a press conference so the player can make a public plea for forgiveness and express his belief that, with God's help and the support of his loving wife, he will turn his life around.


Deekaman said...

If that's the case, the Packers (and Brewers and Bucks) need to get a-tradin'). This kind of stuff goes on all the time and has for many years. First, you give a kid in his 20's a zillion dollars. Then you put him in an environment (pro sports) when 10-20 women are throwing themselves at the guy every day?

Look, I'm not condoning any of this, but I also remember how it was in my 20's. Nobody threw themselves at me, but if they had, I wouldn't have been very discreet either. This goes on in sports, popular music, TV/movies, and any other type of celebrity. You just don't hear about it because nobody yells, "rape".

But in the end, this is Underwood's problem and unless it affects his football-playing, it's not the Packers problem.

Ordinary Jill said...

My problem with Underwood is that he was stupid enough to get taken in by two much older women who were trolling for men at a strip bar, and he brought them back to the condo he was sharing with teammates, involving them in his sordid little drama against their will.

Deekaman said...

I don't disagree. He's not particularly smart.