Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dual DUIs for DeForest Drunk David Dull

When I saw the headline in yesterday's Wisconsin State Journal, I mainly glanced at the article to make sure it wasn't talking about anyone I know.  Unfortunately, multiple DUIs in a short period of time is not so unusual in Wisconsin; I see stories like that on a regular basis.

However, some of the details really set this one apart.  David Dull had a blood alcohol level of .434%.  At Noon.  On a Wednesday.  That takes some serious drinking.  Five days later, he was busted after driving away from a liquor store with a blood alcohol level of .382%.  At 3:30 on a Monday afternoon.  Clearly, he needed to buy liquor, since his BAL was under .40%

I assume that Mr. Dull is unemployed.  If there was ever a candidate for involuntary commitment to a rehab facility, it's this guy.


Dan said...

I wonder how many times he ot away with DUI? A .400 would kill most people. He has to have been spending many years of drinking to get to .443.

Tim Morrissey said...

My first wife was an ER nurse, and when we lived in Los Angeles, the hospital she worked for (Valley Presbyterian) had a "six club". Hard-core alcoholics can run BAC higher than .60.

Dan said...

The DA in Nye County, NV, last year got two DUI's in California within a couple of hours, while driving the government issued DA car. He totaled 2 cars and 2 DUI's within about 5 hours. That's quite a sad but rare feat.

Ordinary Jill said...

Yes, it is. Former Wisconsin AG Peg Lautenschlager only got the one DUI (after driving her government car into a snowy ditch).