Friday, January 30, 2009

Worst Campaign Stunt Ever

So that idiot who campaigned for the RNC chair position by sending out comedy CDs containing the parody song "Barack the Magic Negro" managed to influence the outcome in ways he never intended. In an obvious attempt at damage control, the RNC elected as its new chair a moderate Republican who isn't even a committee member, just because he happens to be one of the few high-profile African American Republican politicians. Good luck with that rebranding, RNC. Stay classy, southern bigots.

This may actually be the best possible post-script to the November elections. Steele is a moderate, so he may save the Republican Party from becoming increasingly extremist and irrelevant. A viable opposition is important for a healthy democracy. Maybe we can all focus on the very real problems this country faces instead of phony culture-war battles. Steele can also be critical of President Obama (and the Democratic Congress) without accusations of racism from the media or the lunatic fringe (I'm looking at you, Al Sharpton).

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Deekaman said...

The more I read and hear, the better I like Michael Steele, but not for the reasons you indicate. He appears to haveintelligence, the charisma and enthusiasm, and the vision, coupled with traditional conservative values.

He may also be able to whip the RINO's into shape.

What will make the Republicans irrelevant is straying away from the "small government" message. They've been lured by the Dark Side and tried to outpromise (and outspend) the Democrats. As long as their is no difference in substance, the GOP will continue to get it's @$$ whipped.