Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I Guess Collecting Signatures During the Holiday Season Isn't So Difficult

Back in July, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin was floating the idea of delaying the recall effort against Gov. Walker so that the resulting recall election would coincide with the regular November 2012 elections. Their arguments for this position were concern that holding a recall election in April, which coincides with the Republican Party's presidential primary, would improve Walker's chance of surviving the election and the excuse that collecting signatures in the winter, during the busy holiday season, would be too difficult.

I always thought this was a clumsy effort to use the recall's coattails to help other Democratic Party candidates in November 2012.  I assumed that it would actually be easier to collect signatures during the time when people are out in public in large numbers, shopping and attending Badger football games. That seems to be the case.

There is still a lot of work to do, but things are on track for a Spring recall election.  Now, whether the Governor keeps his job has a lot more to do with the appeal of his eventual opponent than the timing of the election. Time will tell.


Deekaman said...

If you wish to continue to be at the mercy of the teachers and public workers unions, by all means, keep collecting. If you believe Wisconsin and its taxpayers are being strangled by those same unions, you might rethink your stance. I fully understand why greedy teachers and public-sector workers would want to recall Walker. Their gravy train has come to a screeching, sliding halt. But for anyone else in this state to vote against their own self-interest boggles my mind.

By the way, in caase you believe Walker lied about what he was going to do, you didn't pay attention. Even WEAC sent out a flier before the election making the claims he was going to do exactly what he did. Feel free to read about it here:

Of course, it's not a Lefty source, so I doubt you would believe it anyway. More proof of from where the lies really come. Too bad. thought you were better than that.

But you should be careful what you wish for.

purplepenquin said...

I think Deek posted the wrong link, 'cause no-where on there does it say that Walker was gonna get rid of Collective Bargaining in the way that he did...rather it simply states that choices about insurance might go away. And the loss of Collective Bargaining goes waaaaay beyond that.

Fact of the matter is that by making it illegal for safety issues and workplace conditions to be part of a contract, the WI-GOP has made my workplace a less safer place. People are now more likely to get hurt and/or die while on the job...THAT is why I am supporting the recall of Walker.

Ordinary Jill said...

Walker's war on public sector workers is also shrinking the State's economy. That is why some private-sector small business owners marched around the Capitol this winter with signs like "My customers are state employees." It isn't teachers who are on the gravy train; it's the corporations who got a huge tax break in January, just before Walker declared an economic emergency. I'm not the one voting against my own interests.

Tim Morrissey said...

1. Yes, Miss Vicky and her ilk are certainly a "reliable source".

2. The Dems REALLY need to tell us who's going to run against Scotty.