Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cheap Trick Survives Canadian Adventure

While performing at the Ottawa Bluesfest, Cheap Trick literally had the stage blown out from under them. Fortunately, the stage collapsed away from the crowd instead of on top of it, and no one was seriously injured. Two years ago, a similar incident at the Big Valley Jamboree in Alberta turned deadly.  Outdoor Canadian music festivals appear to be more dangerous than previously believed.


Dan said...

Glad they made it through the storm. We got to watch them at the Paris in Vegas and they were great, even though they were kind of old, except the drummer who is the son of Rick Neilson, the guitarist.

Ordinary Jill said...

We saw them in Wisconsin last year. It was a great show. The opening act was another one of Rick Nielsen's sons, so their tours are real family affairs. They still employ the roadie who introduced them at the beginning of the Live from Budokan album.

Dan said...

They are coming back to Milwaukee in Oct. and Nov.
Interesting information you had.