Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Why Paul Ryan's Medicare Plan Is Doomed

Jon Huntsman is promoting it.  The moderate Republican (and former Obama administration ambassador to China) reportedly plans to make it an important issue in his presidential campaign. (h/t, The Paul Ryan Watch).

Republican politicians with career ambitions have been wanting to distance themselves from Ryan's plan for almost a month now.  Although Newt Gingrich was punished for telling the truth prematurely, even some Tea Party officials are now reading the writing on the wall.

Huntsman has just handed them a face-saving way to throw Paul Ryan under the bus.  The former ambassador is the Dick Leinenkugel in this race, a moderate Republican who served in a Democratic administration.  He will be painted as a RINO and run out by the week after the New Hampshire primary, and Ryan's plan will be buried with his political career.


Tim Morrissey said...

We can only hope your last sentence comes true.

Deekaman said...

We'll see. Huntsman is trying to curry favor and Newt is a RINO. There are no "TEA Party Officials". Those who claim they are, are charlatans attempting to co-opt the movement. They do not speak for rank and all.

Regardless, we can do something about entitlements or we can allow the natural course of events to do it for us. Greece, anyone?

Dan said...

Seriously, who actually considers Huntsman a serious candidate except Harry Reid and his fellow Mormons?