Thursday, May 26, 2011

In the News

The Butcher of Srebrenica has been captured. I wonder who the anonymous tipster was. I'm not usually a supporter of capital punishment, but I would gladly serve on a firing squad to execute that monster.

Congress is growing a spine over Libya.  I'm glad to see both parties stand up for the War Powers Act. I usually trust President Obama's judgement, but I don't like any Commander in Chief to have dictatorial, unconstitutional powers. He had his 60 days. It's time to get Congressional approval for the action in Libya or end it in 30 days.

John Edwards will face criminal charges for misusing campaign funds to cover up an affair.  John Ensign should be very nervous.

Concealed carry advocates want no training or permits required.  For everyone's safety, I think we should start mandatory firearms safety classes in public schools. Imagine if we let everyone drive a car with no training or testing required.


PurplePenquin said...

Since "driving a car" isn't a right that is protected by the Constitution I'm not sure if it is fair to compare it to basic rights like bearing arms. Perhaps a better analogy would be "Imagine if we required training and/or testing before people are allowed to vote, go to synagogue/church/mosque, or even start a blog."

Ordinary Jill said...

PurplePenguin, in the 18th century, the Americans who made up our militias all knew how to use their firearms. Unfortunately, a large number of modern concealed carry advocates are not competent to handle their firearms safely (or even remember when they're packing). And recall that the 2nd Amendment references "A well-regulated militia" -- I think mandatory firearms safety training is a reasonable and constitutional regulation.