Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Maybe I Should Start a Pool

Which downtown hotel will be the next to come to the City for TIF for a remodel or expansion?

Will Inn on the Park or the Madison Concourse cry about needing to update their space to compete with the Edgewater?

Or will the Hilton talk about the need to add rooms to support Monona Terrace?

Will the next request be for more than $16 million?

How will the City be able to refuse? After all, if they give new proposals less preferential treatment than they gave Bob Dunn's, it will look like they were playing favorites.

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Tim Morrissey said...

I am seeking hotel status for my home, which, while not in the city of Madison, could still serve the Madison metro area. Once in a while my relatives come to visit and stay overnight. They boost Madison and Dane County tourism.

I'd also like "dog park" status for my south 40, so I can make some needed fence improvements to make sure my Collies don't get lost chasing squirrels or deer.

I'm thinking about 25 million would do the trick.