Sunday, May 30, 2010

Guatemala Hit By Double Whammy

A few days ago, Guatemala's capital was coated in ash from a volcanic eruption that disrupted flights and forced hundreds of people to evacuate.

That disaster was eclipsed by Tropical Storm Agatha, the first eastern Pacific tropical storm of the season, which struck over the weekend, killing at least a dozen Guatemalans and forcing tens of thousands to evacuate.

No doubt Pat Robertson will have an explanation for Guatemala's divine punishment.


Dan said...

Depends on who you talk to. If it was Al Gore, then it would be global warming. If it was capper at Whallah, then Scott Walkers fault. If it was the Tea Party people, then it's Obama's. If it were liberals, it's Bush's fault. Personally, for me, it's Harry Reid's fault.

Ordinary Jill said...

I don't think it's anyone's fault; it's simply a double tragedy for Guatemala. Those who see God's will in a disaster (whether Pat Robertson or Ted Turner) are trying to use religion to further their own agendas, and I find it appalling.

On the other hand, denying human responsibility for man-made disasters, as Rand Paul seems to be doing with his "accidents happen" attitude toward the Massey coal mine tragedy and the Deep Water Horizon explosion, is equally appalling.