Saturday, April 18, 2009

This Just Seems Like a Bad Idea

There is a resort in Nicaragua that offers guests the thrilling chance to slide on a reinforced piece of plywood down the ashy slope of a live volcano.

Volcano boarders are issued, in addition to the board, a jumpsuit and a pair of goggles. No dust mask. I can't imagine that ramping up your heart beat, then breathing in a bunch of volcanic ash could be good for your health.

The U.S. Geological Survey recommends wearing a dust mask or, if no mask is available, a wet cloth, while cleaning up volcanic ash, since the particles can penetrate deep into the lungs.

I wonder if any of these thrill-seekers will manage to qualify themselves for a Darwin award.

1 comment:

Deekaman said...

Sounds like a little chlorine for the gene pool. Volcanic ash acts like little shards of glass in the lings. The results ain't pretty.