Friday, April 10, 2009

Just for the record, it IS a stalking song.

While driving home after work today, I was listening to the local "oldies" station, which now plays the music of my youth (sigh). A male caller, speaking with a low, slightly breathy voice, asked the D.J. "Can you play that song, Every breath you take, every step you make, I'll be watching you?"

The D.J. corrected, "Every breath you take."

"Yeah. I'd love it if you could play that for Katrina, so she'll think I'm watching her."

"You kind of sound like you're stalking her."

[Caller chuckles]. "No, I've got too many other better things to do to have time for that."

[D.J. chuckles] "It kind of sounds like a stalking song, though."

Kind of? It is a stalking song. Sting said as much back in the 80s. He expressed surprise that it was interpreted by so many people as a romantic love song, because it was definitely written from the point of view of a stalker.

I can understand a casual listener not being aware of that fact (though, given the fact that he was speaking with a creepy stalker voice, I think he was being disingenuous). However, a disc jockey for an oldies station really ought to know just a little bit about the music he's playing. Moron.

I don't suppose it would be a good investment to put a satellite radio in an 8-year-old car with 120,000 miles on it, especially since I don't know which of the Sirius and/or XM formats will survive the recession.

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