Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Thank God The Primary Is Over

I'm really looking forward to spending a lazy Saturday afternoon in my pajamas, without worrying that a candidate for the 81st Assembly District will ring my doorbell.

I have received enough campaign literature on my door to curate my own museum exhibit.

One thing struck me as odd as I left my polling place during morning rush hour. Several blocks away, I saw a number of people on the sidewalk along Northport Drive, holding campaign signs for Justin Sargent. Right next to them were a smaller number of people holding signs for Kelda Helen Roys. Around the bend, on Packers Avenue, I saw a still smaller number of people holding signs for Peng Her. In each case, the display was on the same side of the street as traffic leaving the polling place.

I glanced across the street to see if anyone was lined up to be highly visible to those who were on their way to vote, but I didn't notice anything. I must have overlooked some signs, since it's a busy multi-lane divided street, and I was busy driving. After all, what would be the point of aiming campaign displays at people who have already voted?

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