Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Doyle Campaigns on the Taxpayer's Dime

So our esteemed Governor, who spent several years as State Attorney General and should therefore know the law pretty well, had a State employee work on his speech for the Democratic National Convention.

He claims it was a legitimate use of State resources because he was promoting Wisconsin. That sounds suspiciously close to Scott Jensen's excuse for using employees of the State Assembly Republican Caucus, rather than campaign workers, to campaign for Republican Assembly candidates (that promoting a Republican majority was part of his job in the Assembly). Sorry, Governor, a speech at a political party convention cannot possibly be non-partisan.

I thought after the Caucus Scandals, Scott McCallum's State Plane Scandal, and Keg Schlossenlager's State Car Scandal, our elected officials would finally realize that the taxpayers get really pissed off when you slash services and the State workforce but still manage to syphon State resources for personal (or campaign) use.

I also thought the Government Accountability Board was supposed to be a better, stronger, faster replacement for the old State Elections and Ethics Boards. It is now obvious that it was simply stitched together from leftover parts (which included neither spine nor balls).

No wonder Ed Thompson (who is no Jesse Ventura) managed to draw 10% of the vote when he ran for Governor. If Doyle keeps treating the State of Wisconsin like his own personal fiefdom, the Duke of Tomah might make another bid for the crown.

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