Sunday, July 29, 2012

Kelda Roys Can't Fool All of the People Even Some of the Time

I scratched my head when my Assembly Rep., Kelda Helen Roys, threw her hat in the ring to succeed Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin, since it was already widely known that the far more experienced and respected Assembly Rep. Mark Pocan planned to run for Baldwin's Congressional seat. It would have made more sense if Roys were a State Senator mid-way through her term, because she could have built name recognition for a future run while still staying in the State Legislature.

But Roys clearly thought she could beat Pocan in the primary. Her strategy seems to be built on a belief in voters' ignorance. Last year, she set the stage by parsing her words to lead folks to assume she is a lesbian. Her television ads paint Pocan as a corporate stooge who caved to Governor Walker's will, a ridiculous assertion that could only be believed by voters who have paid no attention over the past year and a half and get all their information from Kelda Helen Roys.

The dishonesty of her campaign has led formerly-neutral Assembly Rep. Janis Ringhand to endorse Pocan and Assembly Rep. Fred Clark to rescind his endorsement of Roys (the only one she had received from a fellow Wisconsin legislator).

What in the world was she thinking?  That burning odor you smell is all of Roys' political bridges going up in flames.


Tim Morrissey said...

"a ridiculous assertion that could only be believed by voters who have paid no attention over the past year and a half".

Yup. IOW, the ones who will decide the election: low-information voters.

Disgusting, isn't it?

Ordinary Jill said...

Fewer low-information voters participate in primary elections than in the general, so the strategy may not be as helpful in this case.

Jesse said...

This is hilarious.

Sooo...Christian Schneider is suddenly a reliable source in the progressive community? That's interesting.

"According to a numerous parade attendees..."

"one LGBT activist told me..."

The only non-anonymous quote is from an organization that has endorsed Rep. Mark Pocan.

Why won't anyone who was at the parade comment on the record about her alleged comments at the parade and how is it no one has video of the comment?

Between this and the blogger making the allegations about Pocan in Costa Rica (which I shall not repeat) this race has officially jumped the shark.