Friday, October 14, 2011

We Are All Job Creators

One of the latest memes making the rounds of the right wing is that only rich people are job creators. "I've never been hired by a poor man" is the sound byte. Perhaps not, but I have been hired by non-profit organizations and cooperatives, which had a distinct shortage of rich people. Members of my family used to tend bar in a neighborhood tavern that didn't even make enough money to support a family of three (the mom ran the bar while the pop worked a day job -- they lived in a modest ranch house near Oscar Mayer).

When you buy locally-produced goods and services, you are creating jobs in your community. You don't have to wait for largesse to trickle down from the highest tiers of society (most of those golden showers will fall overseas anyway).

If you have an IRA or 401(k), you are a stockholder and/or a bondholder.  Read those annual reports you get in the mail and find out what companies' stocks and bonds are held by your mutual fund(s).  Do you recognize the companies?  Do you know what they produce?  You may want to move some of your money into companies that are investing in U.S. production.

Remember that the super-rich are not the only investors in this country.  We are all job creators.


Deekaman said...

I'm throwing thee bullshit flag here. No, the super rich are not the only job creators. But these non-profits, and co-operatives that you point out are supported by them. To claim otherwise is just disingenuous. How many jobs were created by you family members running that bar? Did they brew their own beer? Make their own wine? Distill their own spirits? No, in all likelihood, rich people, employing hundreds did that for them.

These douchebags in the "occupy" movement decry the very corporations that provide the technology that allows them to "tweet" their revolution.

To be a Liberal is to be a hypocrite and a coward. A hypocrite in that what goes for me does not go for thee and a coward in the inability to face the world and stand on one's own two feet.

Ordinary Jill said...

You have been bamboozled by the Right, Deekaman. You have very little understanding of what it really means to be "Liberal" -- you only know Rush Limbaugh's definition.

Structuring the economy to increase the wealth gap between the highest and lowest echelons of society does not promote domestic economic growth -- it only encourages the super-rich to invest in markets overseas, where consumers' collective buying power is growing, not shrinking. But I don't expect you to agree with me, when you still believe that global warming is Liberal propaganda.

Tim Morrissey said...

"To be a Liberal is to be a hypocrite and a coward." And YOU throw the bullshit flag on her???? Christ. Get a grip.

Deekaman said...

Where would you like me to start on hypocrisy and cowardice? As many as 3 more wars under this administration (depending how you want to classify kinetic military operations), or maybe the closing of GITMO. Maybe you'd rather talk about how "successful" progressive programs like the war on poverty have been. Maybe we should talk some about the crony capitalism that goes on in this administration after their talk about banishing lobbyists? Perhaps Tim, we could talk about the cozy relationships between folks like Bill Ayers and Barack Obama? Or maybe talk about the coziness of SEIU, AFL-CIO and the administration? Or maybe we could get some school records from the "most transparent administration ever"?

Would you like me to continue? For any and all of these things, a Republican administration would be (rightly)excoriated, yet the Left is incredibly silent.

Yeah, I'm throwing the bullshit flag. At least we are willing to hold accountable the ne'er-do-wells in our own midst. when was the last time a Democrat resigned for being a slum lord or failing to pay taxes, or uttering a slur? How about never. I suppose if the Left HAD any standards for itself, it might be accountable, but it seems that isn't the case.

Ordinary Jill said...

If you really believe the Left has been silent on any of those issues, Deekaman, you are either grossly underinformed or deliberately ignoring facts that contradict your argument. If you're going to play the game of comparing standards and resignations, let's talk Weiner vs. Vitter.