Sunday, March 14, 2010

Wiggie's Incidents Don't Even Make the Paper Anymore

I was looking through the Madison Alcohol License Review Committee's incident report for February 17 through March 5. I see that Wiggie's had another burglary and another fight in that period.

Given the oddball nature of some past incidents at Wiggie's, these must have been too run-of-the-mill to get mentioned in the paper.  It will be interesting to see if anything newsworthy happens on April 30 this year (the date of the smash-and-grab TV burglary in 2008 and the gunfire-out-the-window incident in 2009).

Here is the entire report for the morbidly curious.  Here is page 86 of 90:


Forward Our Motto said...

Good find.

Dan said...

I used to hang out at Wiggies when I lived on Aberg Ave and if the infamous Hooker Ave. Too bad it has gone downhill. It used to be a nice place to shoot pool, play darts, drink and have a bite to eat.