Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Deal with the Devil

Many years ago, Pat Robertson made a deal with the devil. This is a true story. He promised, fifty years ago, that if he achieved worldly fame, wealth and influence through his Christian Broadcasting Network, that he would use it to serve the Prince of this World.

And he has kept that promise. He has given material support to murderous African dictators in exchange for diamonds. He has used the resources of a Christian charity that he runs to help mine those diamonds. He has encouraged Christians to seek worldly power and to harden their hearts against the world's poor and suffering people. He has called for the assassination of political opponents and publically called for others to seek the death of a U.S. Supreme Court Justice. Every year, with his phony prophecies, he spreads rumors of war.

The devil is preparing a place for Robertson in the eighth circle of Hell, where he will spend eternity with the other false prophets.

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