Thursday, October 8, 2009

When Karaoke Attacks

Six underage women have been charged with assaulting a woman in a Stamford Connecticut bar after a dispute over her karaoke performance.

Should they be convicted, I hope their sentence includes 500 hours of community service, to be served by coordinating sing-alongs at a nursing home, with their grandmothers watching them to be sure they behave themselves.

At Muddy Waters in La Crosse, they have something called Gong Karaoke. Members of the audience can bang the gong to stop a performance they dislike (like on The Gong Show), but then they have to buy a drink for the rejected performer. Therefore, Simon Cowall wannabes are constrained by the amount of their drinking money.

Maybe that bar in Stamford should start holding Gong Karaoke nights.

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